Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What first got me thinking about "inspiration" was a friend of mine who shared her desire to be a mother. Being single, she told me she was thinking about doing it on her own. Wow! That is a big undertaking, but I have no doubt that her desire will compel her to go for it. Who knows where that journey will lead her, but I was inspired by her heart to explore the options to fill that part of her heart. Desire. Longing. Hope. It is amazing what tapping into your desires can inspire you to do. Do you know the desires of your heart? Are you living them out? Why not?! "Desire realized is sweet to the soul..." Proverbs 13:19

On a side note, I had the desire to start a blog. During our Fall roadtrip this September, we were on a long stretch through Iowa and I was contemplating blogging something about what inspires me, how to inspire others, etc. Is that the direction I should go with this blog? Then I passed a billboard, "Be inspired." It was a sign, literally! The funny part is that the billboard was an advertisement for pork. Pork. Really? Okay, afterall, we were driving through Iowa. So here it is, my "Be Inspired" blog, not to be confused with

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  1. This is great Claudine. Keep them coming!