Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Everyday I watch our spunky dog, Rooney sprint around the house, squeak his toys, frolick in the snow, leap across the yard and roll in the dirt-sand-grass-or snow and I am inspired to... play! A dog can so easily surrender to the moment and put all his energy into pure play. A core value of mine is to "work hard, play hard", but when I play hard, do I surrender all my hang-ups and all my inhibitions and just roll around in pure bliss? Not always. And watching Rooney reminds me to do this. He doesn't care if he gets dirty or covered in snow or burrs. He just plays and is energized by it.

Occasionaly, he chews on our sunglasses, our shoes, or Mia's toys and (after our initial reaction of frustration) my spirit within reminds me it's just a material possession and of Rooney's playful intent. So another inspiration from Rooney is not to get caught up in the wordly stuff, to keep things simple and stick to the basics of life. You can learn a lot from a dog! So with that, we are off to play in the sun, sand and surf of Maui. Aloha!

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