Sunday, November 20, 2011


Kanaha Kite Beach, Maui

Rainbows. Sunsets. The Ocean. Riding waves. Sand. Rain. A Full Moon. Mountain Tops. Snowflakes. Blue Skies. Deer. These are signs of nature that have inspired me lately. The pure, natural and majestic elements that I cannot control or change just "wows" me. I've learned to respect Mother Nature and her elements. Nature is God's way of saying, "You are loved!" right to me. Wow! That is why I am so energized by being outdoors, being one with nature whether it's warm, sunny, cool, snowy or rainy.

Puunoa Baby Beach, Maui
What is it that inspires you (or doesn't) about nature and the outdoors? If you connect with the outdoors, I'm sure it evokes some sort of emotion or passion. Think about why. This is a clue into the core of your being. Like I said before, it is something I cannot control or change so it reminds me there is something bigger than me. So as I take in the beauty of God's creation I ask, "How can I say, 'I love you' back?" The answer to this question is my role in this adventure of life, my destiny. What is yours?

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